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Elliot Lake Palliative Care Program

70 Spine Road
Elliot Lake ON P5A 1X2
Telephone: 705-848-7182, ext. 2207
Fax: 705-848-5510

This program provides companionship, respite care and emotional support to people, their families and caregivers dealing with end-of-life illnesses. It offers bereavement support for anyone who has experienced the death of someone close.  Services can be provided at home or in hospitals and long-term care homes. 
Call for more information.


Victorian Order of Nurses Algoma Branch - Volunteer Hospice Service

7B Oxford Street
Sault Ste. Marie ON  P6A 1R7

Telephone: 705-942-8200
Toll free: 1-800-561-6551 
Fax: 705-942-8874                                                   

VON Algoma offers a variety of community support programs such as an Adult Day Centre, Volunteer Hospice Service, Bereavement Support Service, Palliative Pain & Symptom Management Consultation Services (NEO), Interdisciplinary Palliative Care Education, Nursing Programs, Wellness Clinics and Foot Care Services.

Call for more information or visit us at www.von.ca



Algoma Residential Community Hospice (ARCH)

ARCH Hospice

229 Fourth Line West

Sault Ste. Marie, ON P6A 0B5

Telephone: 705-942-1556

Fax: 705-942-1444

Website: www.archhospice.ca

Contact Information: www.archhospice.ca/contact 


ARCH is a free standing 10 bed residential hospice providing compassionate end-of-life care to individuals and support to families.  The home-like facility is situated in a beautiful, natural setting.  The palliative team will facilitate a holistic approach to dying where death is affirmed as a natural process and quality of life is a priority.


Created February 2003
Revised August 25, 2017

Twice now, a good friend has told me, " I kept putting off going for my mammogram, but i finally went, and they found cancer." Both these friends are well still with us because their cancer was found early. Never let fear keep you from going for your mammogram - You are to precious to lose. Take action! You are worth it!
Maureen McMillan, Sudbury
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