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Community Oncology Clinic Network (COCN)

Community Oncology Clinic Network (COCN) refers to those community hospitals located in Northeastern Ontario that have entered into an agreement and partnership with HSN for the provision of specialized‚Äč cancer care services ordered by the Northeast Cancer Centre (NECC) of Health Sciences North. About 50% of the NECC treatment is administered through this network of clinics.

A Community Oncology Clinic is an oncology clinic operated in a community hospital where specialized cancer care services are provided close to home including administration of chemotherapy prescribed by Northeast Cancer Centre (NECC) Medical Oncologists.

The COCN is comprised of 12 sites including Cochrane, Elliot Lake, Hearst, Huntsville, Kapuskasing, Kirkland Lake, Mindemoya, New Liskeard, North Bay, Parry Sound, Sturgeon Falls and Timmins. Each site provides care and services consistent with Cancer Care  Ontario Guidelines and Recommendations. Supervising physicians in each site assess patients prior to chemotherapy administration to ensure that they are fit to receive each cycle in the community. They also provide emergency medical coverage for hypersensitivity reactions. Each COCN site varies in size (chair capacity) as well as Pharmacy support (pharmacist vs pharmacy technician).


Created February 2003
Revised March 29, 2017

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