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Victorian Order of Nurses Porcupine Branch

101 Mall

38 Pine Street North, Suite 139,
Timmins ON P4N 6K6
Telephone: 705-267-8444
Fax: 705-267-8321


The Victorian Order of Nurses for Canada (VON Canada) is a national health-care organization and a federally registered charity that has been caring for the lives and well-being of Canadians in their homes and local communities since 1897.


The VON provides:

  • Home nursing
  • Health promotion
  • Support
  • Palliative care and respite care

Call for information about the VON services in your community.


North East Community Care Access Centre

Community Care Access Centre (CCAC) services can be used by breast cancer patients at different times during their illness.

Services include:

  • Nursing care
  • Occupational health care
  • Physiotherapy
  • Homemaking
  • Nutrition services
  • Social work services

North East CCAC Website: www.ccac-ont.ca 


Branch Office:

330 Second Avenue, suite 101
Timmins ON P4N 8A4
Telepone: 705-267-7766
Toll Free : 1-888-668-2222
Fax : 705-267-7795

Satellite Offices:


22 E 5th Street, 
Cochrane ON  P0L 1C0

Telephone: 705-272-2626
Fax: 705-267-2600

Sensenbrenner Hospital

Progress Crescent
Kapuskasing ON P5N 3H5
Telephone: 1-888-668-2222
Fax: 705-337-4080

Smooth Rock Falls
Box 1750
Cochrane ON P0L 1C0
Telephone: 1-877-513-2626
Fax: 705-272-2600

1403B Edward Street,
P.O. Box 547
Hearst ON P0L 1N0
Telephone: 705-362-6633
Fax: 705-362-6635

Matheson / Iroquois Falls
58 Anson Drive, P.O. Box 968
Iroquois Falls ON P0K 1G0
Telephone: 1-888-668-2222
Fax: 705-258-2296

Iroquois Falls
Anson General Hospital

58 Anson Drive
Iroquois Falls ON P0K 1E0
Telephone: 705-232-5123
Fax: 705-232-7200

48 Revillion Street,
P.O. Box 57  
Moosonee ON P0L 1Y0
Telephone: 705-336-2233
Fax: 705-336-2919


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Revised February 15, 2017

Almost a four year survivor! Cancer gave me many gifts along the way. Find them in your life!
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