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Local Businesses

If you have information about local businesses in your region providing services like mastectomy products, lymph drainage therapy, hair and clothing products, etc. to breast cancer patients, please email breastnorth@hsnsudbury.ca to have this information posted on our website.


Mastectomy Products

Joyce's Lingerie Shoppe
222 Main Street West
North Bay ON  P1B 2T7
Telephone: 705-476-9000


Private consultation room. Over 25 years of experience. Beautiful selection of bras, teddies, swimwear. Large selection of prosthesis for each body type. Appointments are necessary.


Shoppers Home Health Care
301 Worthington Street West
North Bay ON  P1B 3B7
Telephone: 705-495-2655
Toll Free:1-800-268-7788
Fax: 705-495-2294


At selected Home Health Care Locations, we have a dedicated team of professionals who are specifically trained and certified as Mastectomy fitters-available to assist our clients in a "supportive and confidential" environment. Our certified fitters are registered with the Assistive Device Program.


Hair Prosthesis

Gino's Hair Gallery & Spa
150 Main Street West
North Bay  ON P1B 2T5
Telephone: 705-476-7757


Experienced hair stylist. Large selection of wigs and turbans. Private consultation room. First appointments necessary.


Northeast Cancer Centre

In the chemo room of the Northeast Cancer Centre in Sudbury, turbans, kerchiefs and sleep caps are distributed free to women undergoing chemotherapy. They are available in three sizes and each women can choose two hats.  Women are encouraged to ask the yellow-coated volunteer in the chemo room about this service. The hats are generously donated by volunteers of the St. Peter's Chemo Cap Group of Sudbury.



Caring Treatments Massage and Lymphedema Clinic
Suite #3, 288 Worthington Street West
North Bay ON  P1B 3B4
Telephone: 705-497-0683


Certified lymphedema therapist, and lymph drainage therapist. Appointments vary depending on treatments. Quiet, confidential rooms for your comfort. Can do in home appointments. Inpatient therapy privileges at the North Bay Regional Health Centre. Registered authorizer for compression garments with the Assistive Device Program. Doctor's referral suggested but not required.

Gateway Physiotherapy Centre
272 First Avenue West
North Bay ON  P1B 3C1
Telephone: 705-474-4440
Website: www.gatewayphysio.com


Confidential rooms just for women's health issues. No doctor's referral needed. Physiotherapists to the "Warriors of Hope" Dragon Boat team.



Community Physio Communautaire
219 O'Hara Street, Suite B
Sturgeon Falls ON  P2B 1A2
Telephone: 705-753-6224


Experienced in Breast Cancer rehabilitation, limb manipulation. Physio includes manual or lympha press. Pool excerises are included in your specialized treatment. No doctor's appointment needed, unless stated by your insurance plan. Book your appointment for physio or with the on-site massage therapist.


North Bay Rehab Centre
(Located at the North Bay Regional Health Centre)
50 College Drive

North Bay ON  P1B 0A4

Telephone: 705-495-8105

Fax: 705-495-8101


ADP certified. Physiotherapist and massage therapist will discuss your treatment in shoulder or lymph drainage. Doctor's referral needed in some cases.


Martel & Mitchell Physiotherapy
760 Cassells Street
North Bay ON  P1B 4T4
Telephone: 705-494-8975

Website: www.martelandmitchellphysiotherapy.com


Over 11 years of experience. 2 on-site physiotherapists. Also, on-site therapy pool. Message therapy available. Private and confidential to assist your needs. No doctor's referral needed unless stated by your insurance plan.


Physiotherapy Works
1831 Cassells Street
North Bay ON  P1B 4C8
Telephone: 705-497-9099

Limb rehabilitation, ultrasound for scarring and tenderness. Manual and mechanical massage for swelling and drainage. Specilized assessments. Call to book your appointment.



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