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Near North Palliative Care Network

Hospice West Parry Sound

West Parry Sound Health Centre

6 Albert Street, 1st Floor, Room 1323

Parry Sound, ON P2A 3A4

Telephone: 705-746-4540, ext 1416

Website: www.parrysoundhospice.ca

Email: hospice@wpshc.com


This program serves clients with a terminal illness, caregivers and the bereaved in Nipissing District (North Bay, Corbeil, Rutherglen, Mattawa, Redbridge, Warren, Verner, Cache Bay, Sturgeon Falls and Garden Village) and of the West Parry Sound District (South River, Callander, Powassan, Trout Creek, Port Loring, Nipissing Village, Restoule).

Services provided are:

  • Volunteer care teams
  • Emotional support
  • Personal comfort measures
  • Respite relief for primary caregivers
  • Alternative therapies (Therapeutic Touch)
  • Spiritual support
  • Care in home, institution and long-term care facilities
  • Bereavement and grief support
  • Bereavement education and training with related agencies
  • Coordinate and work with other services
  • Living wills and advance directives

August 2014

We are the warriors dressed in pink. We ride the dragon and never sink. We ride the Dragon all our lives. All us, mothers, sisters and wifes. We are the fearless and we ride with pride. For all the warriors who have fought and died. Our Battle scars are out of sight. They are reminder of why we fight. We see the scars everyday, they never go away. We are the fearless ones and are here to stay. We fight our battles and keep score. We are the dragon slayers hear us roar. Our sisterhood is clear. The warriors in pink are here!
Anne Marie Muraska, Unknown
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